About The Empowerment Planner

The Empowerment Planner is your ideal companion if you want to bring more intention and focus to achieving your personal and professional development goals. Unlike a lot of planners existing on the market, it helps you stay focused on the essentials, without taking hours out of your daily busy schedule to maintain it, making it easier for you to stick to it. This planner helps you raise your awareness of self so that you can start making more conscious choices by allowing you to:

  • stay focused on your daily appointments and tasks,
  • be intentional every day,
  • list what you’re grateful for,
  • review daily what worked well, what was challenging, what can be improved,
  • take stock of any learning/lesson (a.k.a. “lightbulb moment”) you may have had,
  • track your daily habits (to maximise your chances of sticking to them),
  • be better connected to your body by making notes on your physical, mental and emotional health and its impact on you and your circumstances

The Empowerment Planner exists in a physical version as well as a digital version.
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What They Say

Alexandra Willis
Doterra Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

I was lucky enough to get my hands on The Empowerment Planner last year.  Up until this time, planning was not my best strength and I was unsure how I was going to get on with yet, another ( what I thought ) diary.  Well was I blown away.  This planner has been a game changer for my biz.  I have learned to time block, not only for my biz but for me as well.  I have learned how to set real visions and put them into an action plan, and I have not mucked up my appointments diary once.  I have really enjoyed using this business tool to its best.  I hugely recommend this planner for business, be it a start up or a seasoned pro.


Keren Beaumont
Personal Stylist
Keren Beaumont Personal Styling

I decided to purchase AnYes Van Rhijn’s Empowerment Planner. I am excellent at scheduling my business tasks and appointments but this does not account for taking time to take stock of how I am doing personally and keeping my long term vision present. The planner is clearly mapped out to help you to plan ahead for the next three years, breaking it down into the year, month, week and then day. Each day of using the planner, I am becoming more aware and in tune with how I am feeling and consciously taking actions to take me closer towards my longer term goals.