7 Simple Steps to Beat Overwhelm

Do you want to look as relaxed as I do here?  Grab my best tips to beat overwhelm and enjoy a stress-free life.

My Story

Hello, gorgeous human being,

I’m so pleased to meet you!!

My name is AnYes (with a capital Y, because I say Yes to life) …

I’ve reinvented myself multiple times and built my resilience for as long as I can remember.

Every time I encountered challenges, I came out on the other side renewed and stronger than before…

And now, as The Reinvention Mentor®, I help my clients do the same… 

I take them through the same process I keep using myself: creating a clear vision, elevating my consciousness, and staying focused and intentional daily…

This is how I help my clients create a fulfilling life and the successful business to support it (whatever success means to them), as I’ve done for myself many times over…


Like many people, I started my career working hard to climb the corporate ladder. When I looked up, I was 40 and feeling unfulfilled. I thought there had to be more to life than this. One day I came across a training about coaching and thought “that’s it”. But too scared to turn it into a business, I overtrained. I became an expert in mindset, self-care, personal branding, personal effectiveness, and much more while battling fears of not being enough and imposter syndrome. I eventually started my own business, and after a few years of trial and error, I became a successful International Executive Coach.

With business success came my tendency to over-work and over-serve. At one point, I was on the brink of burning out. I had created my own rat race without realizing it. So I decided to put myself first, set boundaries, and work on shifting my level of awareness so that I could make better conscious choices. I learned to relinquish control and started allowing in more support. And once again, my business became very successful.

Until it was no longer… I was working with two large corporate clients when the economy collapsed. Almost overnight, both cancelled their year-long contract, and I went nearly bankrupt without any new clients for months. During these tumultuous times, I learned to stay intentional, take daily action, and use the fear I was experiencing as fuel to bounce back. And bouncing back, I did. It took another two challenging years, but once again, I had created a successful business and great life.

But one day, my personal life fell apart. I was in a toxic relationship and finally decided to leave it despite knowing I would lose everything. I only had 43€ to my name and almost 100,000€ in debt. I had to live with one of my sisters for a year. During that time, it became clear to me that this was, in fact, a fantastic opportunity to revisit all the choices I had made thus far. I decided to step into the driver’s seat of my life to rebuild it. I moved to London at 58 with two suitcases and eight weeks of house sitting without any form of income or savings. And instead of taking the safe route of returning to Executive Coaching, I decided to pursue my mission of empowering women entrepreneurs and business owners. I must admit that it hasn’t been easy. I woke up many nights with panic attacks, not knowing how I would get through the next day. But I kept moving forward through the fear, holding onto my faith that the Universe had my back and working toward the vision I’d created. I increasingly thought out of the box and became skilful at generating the money I needed to invest in my personal and business growth. As a result, I started to thrive again.

Today, I’m helping women who like you who want more from life and are ready to do something about it, to reinvent midlife and beyond by creating a life od purpose, passion and impact. Because of the holistic approach of my work, you will be able to design and manifest your ideal life and the business to support it with choices that are grounded in your feminine energy and love. 


I believe in a New Paradigm Woman (TM)!

She is a woman who knows that the role that is given to women in the old model of patriarchy has to change. She:

  • Knows she’s destined for more and also knows that taking action despite her fears and vulnerability will make her powerful beyond measure.
  • Inspires other women to step into their power by leveraging the power of role modelling and the ripple effect.
  • Constantly raises her self-awareness so that she can make the conscious choices that will turn her into the architect of her life.
  • Knows that having a clear vision of what she wants her life to look like is the compass she needs to give direction to her life.
  • Has changed how she sees life and others by having an abundance mindset and practising gratitude.
  • Knows that vulnerability is a strength and that although it is not always easy to embrace, success and fulfilment can’t be reached without it. 
  • Puts her needs first so that she can better take care of others.
  • Understands that being wealthy is what will give her the freedom and power to positively impact the world.

Are you ready to explore what magic we could create together?