7 Simple Steps to Beat Overwhelm

Do you want to look as relaxed as I do here?  Grab my best tips to beat overwhelm and enjoy a stress-free life.

Interviews and Publications

2023/02/01 – SHEcorporated Magazine
at www.shecorporated.com

Reinvent Your Life – 3 Keys to Making The Change.
Read the article here

2022/10/27 – With Jennifer Zenz-Olson from Laughing Lotus Wellness

Three Tools for Change in Midlife. 

Watch the interview(60 minutes) here

2022/10/22 – By Kristy Carruthers on She Corporated Podcast

Reinvent Your Life and Business and Use Your Fear as Rocket Fuel!

Listen to the interview (43 minutes) here.


2022/10/05 – With Jennifer Regular from the Lighting The Path Podcast.

Vision and Action to Dream Bigger and Dare More

Listen to the interview (33 minutes) here

2022/08/22 – With Lynn McLaughlin from Taking The Helm Podcast

Giving Women The Power of Choice

Listen to the interview (35 minutes) here

2022/10/22 – By Agnes B on the She Knows What Works Podcast


2015/10/28 – Last First Date Radio
at www.lastfirstdate.com
Listen to the interview here

2016/09/27 – Company Highlight 
at consultants.wantmore.work
Read the article here


2021/01/19 – By Alicia Markowitz Pérez-Esteban – Light Miracle Workers
at www.lightmiracleworkers.com
View the interview (58 minutes) here:

2015/06/24 Project Positive Change Radio at www.true2youradio.com
Listen to the interview here (27 minutes)
2015/04/20 – Working a better life 
at www.workingabetterlife.com
Read the article here
2020/06/22 – By Emma Gosling – Successful Mums in Busines Virtual Summit
“5 Steps to Staying Productive In Challenging Times”
at www.feelgoodenough.co.uk
View the interview (45 minutes) here
Your Own University Radio
at www.yourownuniversity.org
Listen to the interview here (50 minutes)

2020/09/05 – By Anna Davidson – Your Freedom Project
“It’s never too late to reinvent yourself”
at www.theannadavidson.com
View the interview (50 minutes) here:

2015/04/22 Wisdom Wednesdays at www.alexispierce.com Listen to the interview here (8 minutes)

2019/11/08 – By Silvia Del Corso
at www.pinkseo.marketing
View the interview (13 minutes) here:

2015/04/08 Women at their Best at Facebook page Listen to the interview here (35 minutes)

2019/11/07 – By Samantha Pilling
at www.bitememarketing.co.uk 
View the interview (40 minutes) here:

2013/11/05 Lead her Up is In Radio Show at  Facebook page Listen to the interview here (58 minutes)