Write It, See It, Do It

Turning your vision into action 5-week ONLINE course

Not having a clear vision is like navigating through life with a GPS that has no address in it.

What would your life look like if you knew what address to enter in your GPS?

  • Having a clear and strong vision of what you want to achieve is essential to make things happen in your life.
  • Writing your vision in the finest details, involving all your senses, in all areas of your life is exhilarating.
  • Turning it into a beautiful vision board is fun and inspiring.

But if you leave it there, all it will be is a dream! Knowing how to stay connected to your vision and what first steps to take is when things start shifting from dream to reality.

Join me for a fun and interactive 5-week online course where you will:

  • Write the compelling vision of what you want your life to look like in three years
  • turn that vision into a beautiful and inspiring vision board
  • connect to your future self to know what recommendations she has for you
  • Learn the tools and rituals to stay connected to your vision
  • Identify the steps you need to take to start turning your vision into reality
  • Learn the time and priority tools to help you stay intentional and focused on achieving your goals


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March 5, 2021, to April 9, 2021

Training calls: March 11, 18, 25, 2021 and April 1, 11, 2021

all calls from 19:30 – 21:00 BST
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Ongoing support and community in a pop-up private FB group for the duration of the course.

All calls are recorded
Free membership to Write It, See It, Do It, private FB group
where you get accountability and mentoring after the course to make things happen.

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What They Say

Karolina Koza
Events Organizer – London, UK

For event organizers, 2020 was a disastrous year. I had several events canceled in March and April and I have been really stuck in self-pity followed by the fear that I wouldn’t know how to organize events online. It was a serious financial setback and my self-esteem went really low. I spent months in that state, probably very close to a proper depression, and at some point, it became obvious that I needed to get out of that, or soon I will need professional help… The timing of this course couldn’t be more perfect!  Now I feel totally re-energized. I have a clear vision not only about WHAT I want to do but also about my priorities and schedules for next year and even further in the future. The exercises AnYes gave us are very well-thought and they led me to clarity in regard to my passions, visions, and goals. At a deeper level, she made me aware of my responsibility for my life, wellbeing, and achievements. She has also provided us with amazing tools to keep us on track with our plans.

I definitely recommend the course to anyone who is not sure how to find clarity about her goals or who needs an action plan to achieve them.

Victoria Rennoldson
Founder and Director – Perfect Cuppa English – London, UK

2020 has been a year of total re-evaluation for me and I needed to take a step back to work out what next. This course far exceeded my expectations. I have done vision work before but after the initial inspiration & surge of energy, I was each time left with a beautiful picture board but unsure how it was going to be turned into reality.  AnYes focused on not only helping me discover my vision but also to think about the tools, daily habits, and steps to turn this into actual reality. Yes, I have a super exciting vision board, but I also feel confident with my action plan, mindset & approach on how to take the next steps forward to achieving it. I loved the format of meeting over several weeks, the support of the group as well as the regular ideas and tips shared by AnYes with us between meetings. I really felt she went the extra mile to challenge and support us, to make it tangible and real, not just a dream. I would highly recommend this course to anybody who would like a flying start to 2021!  

Nadia Alexandrou
Artist – Nadia Alexandrou Art – London, UK

I had a lack of clarity, confidence, certainty, and was feeling a bit lost when it comes to the direction I wanted to give to my business. I knew I needed to take affirmative steps to move forward but didn’t know where or how, and this online course presented itself at the right moment. These five weeks have helped me carry forward my business with the knowledge that I am in control and have all the resources I need to carve the life I want for myself. The process and all the steps involved helped me build the right mindset and open myself up to the right opportunities. I am now implementing the project planning process and taking my business more seriously. I have also started saying yes to a lot more things, instead of letting fear say no for me! AnYes has been a very constructive guide. She is great at helping identify and remove limiting fears. Even though it is a group setting she provides support at an individual level and that has been helpful for my own development process.

I can’t recommend this course highly enough to anyone struggling with a lack of clarity or who is indecisive as to what steps to take next.

Manjula Jools
Herbalife – London, UK

Taking this Vision course with AnYes has been a thoroughly eye-opening and emotional journey for me.
I came on the course thinking I knew how to set goals and how to achieve them, but this course is so much more. AnYes helped me slow down the constant chatter in my head and switch off during quiet/sleep times. This helped me discover what my personal goals actually are and focus on them. It also helped me decide how much time I want to invest in achieving them.
The course is fun and intensive, but you are not on your own. Bouncing ideas off each other in the group with AnYes as the mentor, created a supportive and creative group dynamic. It was very encouraging.
Come with an open mind and heart and let the structure of the course and the guidance of AnYes create your future. For me, it was so worth it!
Thank you AnYes!

Karen Revel-Chion
Virtual Marketing Director – Future Marketing Now – London, UK

I had the pleasure of attending AnYes’s ‘Write It, See It, Do It’ course in October 2020.
The course was recommended to me after I told several people that I was lacking the motivation to keep going with my own business.
The course focussed on the vision we have for ourselves over the next 3-5 years. It really helped me think about where I wanted to be in terms of financial security and personal fulfillment. It forced me to focus on what was important to me and what was an ‘also ran’. We used phrases like “I will..’ rather than ‘I would like to..’ Then, of course, having a clear vision makes you think about how you are going to get there, but following the course, I found myself far more motivated to get my head down and get on with it.

We can all play at creating a vision board for ourselves on a rainy night in lockdown, but what really made the difference for me was AnYes’s probing and prompting me along the way and holding me accountable to actually produce work each week.

I highly recommend this course.

Fidelia Igbodo
Certified Chartered Accountant – Bennic – London, UK

In my area of work, we are constantly challenged by the regulatory changes – more so during this pandemic.  Support and assistance to businesses have been non-stop and I needed something to challenge me during these very demanding times. This course provided me with a fresh look at myself and the way I am able to deal with challenges. The process has forced me to look closely at my relationships, my health, my well-being, my spirituality as well as how I conduct my business with my clients.  The course also helped me visualize where I want to be in the next few years.  The vision board that I created turned out to be an absolute game-changer.  I look at it every day and smile.  It reminds me each day of what I need to be doing and where I want to be. It gets me going every day! AnYes’ guidance and the way she conducts the course are very relaxing and she knows how to get the best out of everyone.  The discussions with the fellow attendees were refreshing and we all got to share each other’s aspirations and challenges.  I definitely recommend this course to anyone who lost their sense of direction in terms of personal life, business, etc.  It will definitely energize anybody.

Thank you so much for this wonderful course!

Tina Walker
Virtual Assistant – Liberty Executive Services – London, UK

A big thank you to AnYes van Rhijn! I recently attended AnYes’s “Write It See It Do It” online course. I was rather nervous at first as I did not know what to expect but AnYes immediately made me feel at ease.  It was in fact very enjoyable and was packed with excellent ideas. She gently forced me out of my comfort zone, was very understanding and very inspirational. I now not only have a vision board that I can look at every day but I also came back with some really great tips and resources that I will be using going forward. I have also really loved being with like-minded women who share the same fears and hopes. 

I highly recommend this course!  if you have not already signed up for it or you are in need of a refresher (some of the participants take her course every year), go for it now! Once again thank you AnYes”

Peggy MacSweeney
Storytelling Personal Branding Photographer – www.peggymacsweeney.com – London, UK

I attended AnYes’s Vision Course because I had never done any vision work before and had heard excellent reviews about her course.  I had some ideas about what I want to achieve on the work front, but they are all in my head and I had never intentionally put them together and reflected upon them.  The Vision Course helped me organize my thoughts and provided me with clarity in what I want to achieve in different aspects of my life. And, more importantly, it provided me with useful tools to help me get closer to my vision every day.

AnYes is very supportive in every step. Her resourcefulness and generosity in sharing her own experience are inspiring.   I highly recommend this course.

Priya Gill-Liaudet
Family and Divorce Lawyer – www.familylawyerlondon.co.uk – London, UK

I had recently started a new business and was seeking clarity and the tools required to take my business forward. A friend recommended that I attend AnYes’ vision course. I have really enjoyed the relaxed and supportive environment that AnYes provides you with.  Not only did the course bring me the clarity that I was looking for but I genuinely had fun putting together my vision board and putting together my next steps.

Annetta Apol
Relationships Expert – Annetta Apol – London, UK

This course is so much more than just making a vision board.
Doing the exercises will make you dig deeper and really find out your heart’s desires.
You will also get the tools to take this forward into your life beyond the course, so you start feeling and living your vision now.

Sanjay Jadhav
Arka Global Capital – London, UK

For years I have been procrastinating to create a vision board and now that I have finally done it, I’m super excited about it and what it represents. I had a clear vision before attending the course but I wanted to reaffirm it and focus on it because I often stray away due to the nature of distractions. This course has helped me to laser focus on items that are important in my life. I’ve also benefited from listening to the other participants and to the tools and solutions brought by AnYes. I also learned that you need to bring emotions and feelings into your vision, not just look at it as we’re usually taught to do. AnYes is very instrumental in the success of this course and her Facebook group is also of great value. She’s always there to support you and answer any questions you may have. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who doesn’t have a clear vision and/or has a vision but finds it hard to focus on it.

Darshana Beladi
Independent Herbalife Distributor and Wellness Coach – London, UK

When I decided to attend AnYes’s “write it, see it, do it” course, I was having a good life but felt that something was missing although I wasn’t sure what it was. I had a vision for my business but had no clear WHY driving me to achieve my goals. During the course, AnYes works very closely with you and challenges you in a very supportive way and that really helped me to put things together. By writing my vision, creating a vision board and planning a project for the next 3 years, I now have a destination ticket as well as the journey to get there. I also know what I don’t need anymore and more importantly, I know how to put my energy where it is actually needed.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is struggling to get clarity whether in their business or in personal life.

Thank you AnYes!”

Corry Van Rhijn
Film Producer – Paris, France

When I reached out to AnYes early September I was feeling lost both in my personal and professional life.  She suggested that I attend her Write It, See It, Do It online course to gain more clarity.  In the beginning, I was a little hesitant about the group dynamics required by the course. This feeling changed during the first live call as I could immediately see how much I would benefit from the experiences of each person in the room. So, what has changed for me as a result of that course? On the professional side, it quickly helped me understand what wasn’t working for me, but it also to identify what I wanted instead. As a consequence, I mastered the courage to talk to my superiors and to share with them the ideas I had for a new division of the company. I’m very happy to report that they received my ideas positively and even asked me to set it up that division. I’m no longer afraid to take risks and my autonomy and confidence are growing by the day. On the personal side, it has helped me reflect on my life and approach it with more gentleness but also with more determination. I now listen to myself, I am more adventurous, and I like that! This course is so much more than just about revealing your vision. AnYes is giving you so many tools that will have a massive impact if you are ready to do the work, which is what I did. I took the time to reconnect to myself even when it was for only a few minutes a day.  That consistency paid off. It is by taking that time, that you will discover what drives you and as well as what you need to change to get the results you want for yourself.

If you want to have a transformational experience, don’t hesitate, contact AnYes to find out when she runs her next course!

Veronica Mark
Property Solicitor – Taylor Rose – London, UK

I recently attended AnYes van Rhijn’s “Write it, See it, Do it” online course.
The course has most definitely given me confidence, structure and focus to achieve my dreams.
AnYes is a supportive intuitive leader who’s able to help you bring out the best of what has been carefully hidden inside.

I cannot recommend this course enough because it has definitely helped me to obtain clarity and focus on what I want to achieve in my personal and professional life.

Thank you so much AnYes!

Catherine Jordan
Graphic Designer – Catherinejordan.co.uk – London, UK

Before attending the Write it, See it, Do it course, I was feeling overwhelmed in many ways: not only with negative things like work-life balance, stress and fatigue but also with positive things such as the many ideas I have for my business but without having any idea how to get started or how to implement them in my already over-stretched schedule.

The visualisation techniques AnYes uses led me to uncover what I really want from my life and work and enabled me to make long-overdue decisions. With all the tools she gave us, I’m now also finding it easier to overcome the everyday difficulties that used to drag me down. Now, when I’m tired or unmotivated, I’m able to quickly reconnect to what I’m ultimately aiming for and it’s done wonders for my mood and focus. AnYes has the rare ability to help you make the connection between your big ambitions or dreams and the small practical steps you need to take to get there. 

I’ve seen real evidence that her techniques work. Since completing the course I’ve had more clarity and control over my life and work, and as a result, I’m happier and calmer.

Larysa Kucak
Seamstress – Cushions And Creations – London, UK

The Write It, See It, Do It – Turning your vision into action course was an amazing experience. Before I started, I had a very messy collection of thoughts with no way of knowing what and how to use them. After the course, not only did I have a vision board I could refer to for years to come but I also managed to gather all those ideas and create an organised path which I can now follow to achieve them. The course also made me realise that some of the ideas and things I thought I wanted to do were actually not that at all, but simply old thoughts that had stayed with me out of habit. This course helped me clarify exactly what I want and need in order to get where I’d like to be. I now have manageable tasks that I can set myself for the next year, even the next week, so each step I need to do is easily and clearly achieved, taking me closer to my end goal. In addition to this, AnYes also gives you various techniques, processes and thoughts to better equip you for success. Thanks to the tools that AnYes has provided as well as having my vision so nicely mapped out, I’ve now started putting those ideas into actions. I already have several product testers currently trying out various items I’ve created to help ensure my end product is the best it can be. This is a stage I’ve been wanting to reach for years and that is the first successful step towards my end goal.

Thank you AnYes!

Julie Aveillan – Craye
Global People Development Manager – Digital Music Distribution – Paris, France

I decided to attend AnYes’s course “write it, see it, do it” at a time when I was quite happy with what I had, but wanted to take my life to the next level.
By writing my vision, putting together a vision board and defining a project plan for the next 3 years, I managed to be more focused and intentional. Now I know what I want, what I don’t want anymore… and above all, what I need to do to make it happen.
AnYes is able to challenge you while making you feel comfortable. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to gain clarity and motivation.

Thank you AnYes!

Eva Pe
Beauty Therapist – The Empress of Beauty – London, UK

AnYes is a professional, kind and supportive mentor. I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in her Write it, See it, Do it online course. There is so much more to it than just creating a vision board. It is held in a safe and respectful environment.  Over the weeks I have learnt so much about my true goals and how I can achieve them. I have also learnt about clearing my blocks and raising my energy levels.

I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels held back or stuck within their journey.
I am forever grateful for the support and push I needed to believe I Can and I Will live my dream life.

Amanda Kerr
Hypnotherapist – www.amandakerr.co.uk – London, UK

I signed up for the Write It, See It, Do It – Turning your vision into action course as I was feeling stagnant and needed to change direction in my business.  I did have a rough vision, but I wanted something to boost my motivation.  This course did exactly that.  The process of putting the vision board together, along with all the other tools and techniques AnYes shared with us, is incredibly powerful.  Also, having, together with other like-minded participants, the Facebook group support and the accountability, kept us focussed on the vision and kept the momentum going.  AnYes is extremely knowledgeable and supportive and makes the whole course very enjoyable.”

I would highly recommend to anyone looking to commit to taking a positive gear change to their life to sign up for this amazing course.

Susannah Alexander
Positive Body Image Nutritional Therapist – Nutrition With Susannah – London, UK

When I joined the ‘Write it, See it, Do it’ workshop in November 2018, I was rather sceptical.  I’d been to similar workshops before, and while they were a lot of fun, I didn’t see lasting results.  I expected more of the same. But this is something different.  You come away with an actionable plan to get you started on turning your vision into a reality, so that you know exactly what you’re going to do first. In the world of business, it’s lovely to have a fun training day, and you will certainly get that, but it’s results that really count.  And if you take action you’ll get results.  Here’s what happened to me in 2019 as a direct result of the actions I took in the months following the workshop.

  • One of my aims was to become a paid speaker.  I successfully auditioned as a speaker for the Women’s Institute and have 3 engagements booked for 2020.
  • I included the word ‘Diva’ in my board, without really knowing what it might mean.  In May 2019 I appeared in a stage production for the first time in 25 years.  I successfully auditioned for another production, which will take place in November 2019.
  • Health holidays were on my vision board. I’ve been working towards hosting these for some time but never had customers.  This year I hosted my first successful wellness break in the Scottish Highlands.
  • I had ‘exercise’ hidden in a small corner. I’m not a natural exerciser; normally I hate it and wouldn’t be seen dead in a gym.  But I’ve now found classes that suit me, and I go to 3 classes a week, and am starting a 4th shortly.
  • I had included the idea of doing something different and working with words.  I’ve re-crafted my message to reflect both body positivity and health, and it’s starting to create a buzz I never could have imagined.

And 2019 isn’t over yet!

The workshop entitles you to monthly group coaching calls with AnYes, which are brilliant for sustaining motivation and giving you practical advice on next steps.  It’s like a mini-mastermind with like-minded people, and it’s inspiring to help each other on the road to realising our visions.

I honestly think this is some of the best money I’ve ever spent.  It represents incredible value in every way, and I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Amy Burnett
Videographer – Nutty Amber Videos – London, UK

What can I say!  AnYes’ workshop has been a fantastic way for me to refocus on my vision and ensure that I am going to achieve my goals.  I have been on vision workshops in the past, which have been amazing, and have inspired and motivated me, however what AnYes is giving is more of an ongoing package.  My vision is now much more refined and I am aware of the steps that I need to take in order to get there, and have been given the tools to help me achieve them.  I’m really looking forward to following the exercises to help me tune in to my vision on a regular basis.  Also, I know that being held accountable as part of the online group is such a valuable tool to keep on track, and along with the group coaching calls, all of this amounts to such an amazing offering.

I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone, as it will most definitely help you to understand what you want and how you can get there, and all with a great group of supportive, inspirational women.

Keren Beaumont
Personal Stylist – Keren Beaumont Styling – London, UK

I attended AnYes’s ‘Write it, See it, Do it’ Workshop as a birthday treat to myself because I think there’s no better gift than self-growth!
Not only did I have a enjoyable day with like-minded women, but I came away feeling like a better version of myself. AnYes’s techniques cleverly enable you to see the very best possible version of yourself and to see that version as being totally attainable. I came away with a clear vision of where I am going and how I might get there. Thank you for a fantastic experience AnYes.

Sophie Fleming
Regional Director Athena North London – The Athena Network – North London Region – London, UK

I got so much out of the vision board workshop. The day really helped me to focus on what I wanted to achieve in the next 3 years and with the support of AnYes I was able to describe that in full details. Being with other like-minded women helped to bring more ideas and inspiration to the table and once we were ready to produce our vision boards we had a physical product that we could take home to help remind us of our vision every day. AnYes is a truly inspirational woman with a fountain of knowledge, especially in personal development. She helps to guide you through the process of creating your vision up until the final vision board is created.

Anna-Marie Bennett
Interior Designer – Grove Design – London, UK

I attended the write it, see it, do it workshop last week and after a really fun day, I came away feeling really motivated and inspired. The workshop was run by AnYes who’s own story is truly inspiring. AnYes own journey brings a wealth of real-life experiences to the workshop and she has a warm empathy that I really connected to, enabling me to focus on my dreams and to understand the fears that are holding me back. The workshop was full of ideas and inspiration. I came away with a Vision Board that I now use every day and a wealth of tips and tools that I can practically use on my journey. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to start living a life they choose but doesn’t know where to begin.

Anna Florio
Psychic Transformational Coach – The Wise Woman Programme – London, UK

Brilliant workshop!
You will gain clarity about your bigger purpose, the tools to overcome overwhelm, you will be in a supportive environment with very interesting people who will inspire you to go deeper and find the real desires of your heart, so your vision board will reflect your amazing future! You will also put into place a strategy to make sure that the vision on your board will turn into reality!