From Stuck to Unstoppable in Midlife and Beyond

6 thoughts provoking questions to initiate your reinvention journey
and bring purpose, passion and impact in your midlife and beyond years.

What if you could turn midlife (and beyond)
into an empowered second spring of your life?

If you resonate with any or all of the above, welcome in my world…

you’re in the right place.

Hi, my name is AnYes, a.k.a The Reinvention Mentor

I know what it’s like to feel like a stranger in your own life.
Seen from the outside, I had it all. The career, the romantic partner, the family, the friends….

But the truth is, everything felt off. I was tired of the politics at work and wasn’t enjoying my job anymore. My relationship was like an empty shell. I just couldn’t decide whether I should stay or go. Everything in my social life felt superficial.

I knew that wasn’t OK anymore. I was terrified but I had to step up to start living a life that would have more meaning to me.

Whatever the reason for you, you too have come to a point where you know something has to change. You may not know precisely how to go about it, but maybe that’s what led you here. Well, I can help! 

I’m an Award-winning Reinvention Mentor. I am known for my ability to help women like you turn midlife and beyond into a life of purpose, passion and impact.

The framework I’ve created will equip you not only with a meaningful vision for your life but also with the confidence, the mindset, the strategies, personal effectiveness, and self-care that will allow you to remain in the driver’s seat of your reinvented life.

The woman I attract in my world is the one I call a “New Paradigm Woman (R)”.

She is resilient, smart, soul-led, a committed action-taker who, despite her fears, is ready to invest time, energy and money to transform her life and this world for the better.
Are you one of them?

If so, I have no doubt that you will truly transform your life! I know it because I’ve done it for myself. And now, I help my clients do the same.

Are you ready to find out
how you, too,
can become a New Paradigm Woman
in midlife and beyond?

How you can work with me

1:1 Mentoring

There are a few ways to work with me 1:2:1

  • A 90-minute laser-focused session where we’ll dive deep into addressing a specific challenge you’re facing
  • A VIP day where we’ll map out a strategy and a plan of action to help you meet your goals in life and business
  • 3, 6 or 9 months private mentoring packages 
Online group programme: Write It. See It. Do It.

This immersive 5-week group programme will help you design your ideal life and the business to support it, as well as teach you the tools to manifest it into reality. This programme is currently not open for registration. 



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