Let’s redesign life and business on your own terms!

Are you ready to reinvent your life and business?

If you are a little like me when I was in your shoes, this is probably what you’re currently experiencing:

How different would your life be if you


all of it while also enjoying your life, family and friends?

Hi, I’m AnYes, a.k.a. The Reinvention Mentor

I know how it feels when you don’t seem to have a life anymore (you can read my story here).  For me, it started because I didn’t have enough business and later happened again because I had too much business.

Whatever the reason for you, all you seem to be doing is hustling and your business is ruling you and your life. But you’ve had enough of it! You have now decided to take back control of your life but you have no idea how to go about it!

Well, I can help! I’m an Award-winning Life and Business Reinvention Mentor. I am known for my capacity to help women unearth and crystalise a vision for their life and then help them turn it into a fulfilling and meaningful business that has all the systems, tools, and automation into place to ensure they can also enjoy their life. I have developed a proprietary and very comprehensive framework that will equip you with not only a vision for your personal and professional life but also with the confidence, the mindset, the business strategy, the personal effectiveness and the self-care that will guarantee that you remain in the driver’s seat of your reinvented life.

If you are determined and committed to change your current circumstances and if you are ready to invest in yourself (and with invest I don’t mean only money, but also time and energy), I can guarantee you… you can do it!

I know it, I have done for myself what I’m teaching my clients and I’m a walking example that it works.

If you no longer want your business to rule you and your life,
YOU, your business and your personal life should work hand in hand.


There are several ways you can work with me depending essentially on the outcome you’re looking for as well as the time and the money you are ready to invest.