The Reinvention Mentor

Life always comes with challenges, but it is what has allowed me to build my resilience. I owe my title of “The Reinvention Mentor” to my capacity of bouncing back whatever life throws at me. I do believe that we always have a choice and that with a strong vision if we raise our self-awareness, make conscious choices and stay intentional and focused, we can create the successful (whatever that means to us) business that will sustain the fulfilling life we desire.  I have done so for myself and I’m now helping my clients do the same.


My first reinvention

For twenty-five years, I climbed the corporate ladder, working hard to be successful. At forty, I had that nagging feeling that there must be more to life and that something had to change although I had no idea what. I came across a coaching training and loved it so much that I decided to leave the corporate world and become an Executive Coach. For years I over-prepared and over-trained by fear of not being good enough. I became an expert in Mindset, Self-care, Personal Branding, Personal Effectiveness and much more. When I finally dared setting up my own business I first had to learn the hard way that being great at what you do is one thing but that running a business is something completely different. That is when I realised that if I didn’t want my business to be an expensive hobby I had to treat it as … a business! And yes, I managed to turn it into a very successful six-figure business.


My second reinvention

That’s when I lost control and re-created for myself the rat race that I had left in the corporate world. I was on the verge of a burnout. The question that kept coming back in my head was “what’s the point in being successful and making so much money if I can’t enjoy life anymore?”.


I had to learn to put myself first, to set boundaries, to know what was good for me and what wasn’t, to identify what was bringing me joy and what didn’t, to stop doing everything myself (I was an absolute control freak) and to outsource instead, to put systems and tools into place to make my life easier … and so much more!  And once more I became successful … until…

My third reinvention

I was very successfully working for two large corporate clients and at the beginning of every year, I had my entire year already mapped out. But after a few years, the economy collapsed and within the same week, both clients cancelled their entire programs with me. I went almost bankrupt. I struggled for several months without any client in sight. I had once more to stay focused on taking action and using fear as a fuel instead of letting it paralyze me. Times have been tough for almost two years, but I bounced back and succeeded again!

My fourth reinvention

Until life threw a new challenge at me! My personal life fell into pieces when I decided to leave a toxic relationship. I was 57 and I left with exactly 43€ in my pocket, an empty bank account and almost £100.000 of debts.  I had to move in with one of my sisters and stayed there for one year.
It would have been easy for me to step into victimhood but I realised that these circumstances didn’t define me. They turned out to be the catalyst I needed to decide that I no longer wanted to live my life the way I had done so far. I realised that this was a unique opportunity to reconsider all my choices in life and business. That is how I understood that there is no such thing as business one hand and life the other. It is all integrated and has to be looked at from a holistic perspective. I started realising that for me to have that successful and fulfilling life we all long for I had to completely change my outlook on life itself which started by changing my mindset.

Some life changing-decisions came out of that:

My first leap of faith was to turn my back to Executive Coaching (which would have been the “easy” way to rebuild myself financially) and to decide to embrace my mission to empower women entrepreneurs and business owners.
My second leap of faith was to decide to rise from my ashes by moving to London. Undoubtedly, arriving in London at 58 with nothing else than two suitcases, eight weeks of house sitting and without any income or savings was a very scary move. I must admit that I woke up more than once in the middle of the night with a panic attack wondering how I would make it to the next day. But, instead of focusing on the fear, I held onto my faith that it would work out and onto my vision. I challenged my beliefs and dared to embrace the unknown; I thought out of the box and tested doing things differently; I reconnected the dots between me, my life and my business. As a result, I managed to thrive again, stronger than before and I’m now the proud owner of two businesses that complement each other beautifully and are completely aligned with my Why.

My Why

I have a strong conviction that it is women who will make this world a better place. What drives me is my burning desire to help as many of them become emotionally and financially independent so that they always have the freedom of choice.  Having that freedom of choice will allow them to step into their power. A power coming from a place of love and feminine energy that will have a positive impact on the world.

What I believe in

  • Having a clear and strong vision and staying connected to it is the compass we need to give direction to our life.
  • Embracing an abundance mindset and practising gratitude completely changes our outlook on life and on others.
  • Constantly raising our awareness of self allows us to make the conscious choices that turn us into the architects of our life.
  • Staying intentional and focused every single day is what gets us closer to achieving our goals.
  • Vulnerability is a strength. Authorising yourself to embrace it is not always easy, but success and fulfilment can’t be reached without it.
  • We can’t take care of others’ needs if we don’t take care of our own needs first.
  • Meaningful financial independence can’t be achieved without emotional independence.
  • Role modelling and the ripple effect are powerful change-makers.
  • It is never too late (or too early) to (re)invent ourselves.
  • The word impossible says it all: I’m Possible!

Do you want to find out what we could achieve together?