Our partners

The holistic approach of the TRM Framework calls upon a wide range of expertise. Below are the experts we partner with on ad hoc basis to match the specific needs of our clients. Some of them are also delivering one or more of the modules of our Step Into Your Brilliance (SIYB) group programme

Aly Harrold

Public Speaking Coach

Aly Harrold is an award winning public speaking coach and professional speaker working with women who feel the need to find their voice, be heard and be more visible whether within a corporate setting or as an entrepreneurial business woman.  She is the creator of a successful coaching programme taking the nervous and anxious speaker to a place of vocal confidence and empowerment.  Aly considers it to be a gift to work with someone who did not even believe it was possible for them to stand up and be heard and taken seriously for what they have to say. They come to understand and realise that being an excellent speaker elevates them above their competition and in the eyes of their peers and associates. So often nerves and anxiety around speaking will prevent someone from moving forward in their career and going after a promotion.

Full biography Aly Harroldwww.alyharrold.co.uk | Areas of expertise: Public Speaking – Voice work – Storytelling – Speech writing – Networking – Delivering your network pitch.

Keren Beaumont

Personal Stylist

Keren Beaumont is the founder of Keren Beaumont Personal Styling. She is an award-winning Personal Stylist and has worked in the Fashion industry for over 16 years. After becoming Director of Buying at Ralph Lauren and then at Coach, she decided to launch her own business. She has styled celebrities for red carpet appearances and her advice has been featured in publications such as Grazia and The Times Series. Keren is an expert in helping people find their ‘Unique personal style’ and teaching people how to look their best whilst remaining true to themselves. She understands that first impressions are vital to one’s success and Keren’s workshops and talks leave her audience informed on how to dress to be more effective.

Full biography Keren Beaumont | www.kerenbeaustyling.com  |  Areas of expertise: Personal Styling


Susan Kench

LinkedIn Expert

Susan Kench is a LinkedIn trainer and coach, a marketing and relationship development consultant, and the owner of Marshall Walker Associates, an independent LinkedIn training company based in the City of London. Susan specialises in training professionals – ranging from one-woman-bands up to senior decision-makers within global corporates – to use LinkedIn to build their professional profiles and develop productive relationships both internally with colleagues and managers and externally with prospective and existing clients and customers.
Susan is the expert of the “LinkedIn 101”  module of the Step Into Your Brilliance Programme.

Full biography Susan Kench  |  www.linkedintutors.com  |  Areas of expertise: LinkedIn Training – LinkedIn Coaching – Content Marketing – Business Development Business Networking – Career Coaching